Love Tree

The name of this blog was born out of a conversation with another foster adoptive mom.  We were discussing the unique challenge of family tree assignments that most children are required to complete in elementary school.

For an adoptive child, this is such a confusing task- how do they complete it for their forever family when that does not begin to encapsulate fully who they are- their entire story?  Completing it for their biological family isn’t sufficient either- it neglects to acknowledge the lasting impact a loving, stable adoptive home provides

For a foster family, this issue becomes even more complex as children come and go. Some remain in the home for a brief time before moving on while others get to become a part of the family forever. Each foster child usually has multiple homes that have impacted their view of family- biological parents, many have stayed with extended biological family members for a time, previous foster families, an adoptive home.

As we fleshed out the challenges our children face, it amazed us at the complexities their little minds have to process, just to do a simple family tree project.

From that conversation, I determined that I wanted to forgo the ‘family tree’ assignments and instead create a ‘Love Tree’.  Because however they come to us, our family is generated by Love, and that’s the strongest element of Family.


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