Fave Five

Thank you, Susanne, for hosting Fave Fives each week!  It’s so encouraging to start the New Year focusing on the positive parts of the week.

1. Time spent with family. We’re up to visit my mum and dad.  Always a delight and the highlight of my week. :o)

2. I could watch my children play at the beach every. single. day.  And they are happy to play at the beach every. single. day.  Win-win.

Trying out the Zip Line

Trying out the Zip Line

3. Spending a relaxing evening with some dear girlfriends on Sunday.  We brought our 12 kiddos and let them snuggle up and watch Despicable Me 2 while we Mommas sipped wine and talked away the night.  Can’t believe none of us thought to get a picture of all the kids piled together on and around the couch!

4. There is always plenty of knitting going on when I’m with my talented mum.  I’m working on finishing up the loose ends- quite literally- for this grey cabled blanket and started my first ever sock.  I just love self-striping yarn, don’t you??

first sock1

5.  Trader Joe’s.  It sounds silly, I know, but bear me out.  It is a company that I love to support and shop at thanks to its ethos.

When my husband was deployed to Iraq (we were just engaged back then), I purchased a large number of his favorite protein bars to send in a care package and the grocer- from a store in a very non military beach city in Los Angeles- noticed and immediately brought out a whole box to send to him with the store’s thanks. A while ago, our favorite check-out clerk (who always remembers my son’s name and favorite super hero) knew that my husband was away at the time and brought me a bouquet of yellow flowers to cheer my day.  And just yesterday they did it again- proved that as a company Trader Joe’s truly cares about people.

I stopped in at a Trader Joe’s by my parents’ house for a few things and noticed an elderly couple sitting outside in the sun. As I walked out, I noticed they were still sitting there with their groceries.  I went over and asked if they needed a ride.  They replied that they lived in an assisted living home and had called the bus to come pick them up.  They thanked me graciously, but insisted I go on my way alone.  I felt just awful walking away.  However, they were quite insistent that they didn’t want to mess up the bus schedule.  As I looked over while putting away my cart, I noticed that one of the Trader Joe’s employees was setting up an umbrella so they could sit in the shade as they waited and had brought out some water bottles.  Occasions like this make me happy to shop at Trader Joe’s and this moment of kindness was a bittersweet highlight to my week. 

Hope your weeks have had glimpses of compassionate moments as well!


7 thoughts on “Fave Five

  1. Those zip wires are so much fun. 🙂

    Trader Joes sounds a lovely place to shop, if only more places were like that.

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog today. 🙂

  2. What a cheerful list of faves…loved reading this!! I assume you love in CA since your children get some beach time,,,,,we have a soft blanket of snow here in eastern NY so no beaches for us yet!! We have a fairly new Trader Joes ( about a year old) that I still haven’t been to since I live closer to The Fresh Market so tend to go there. I am now determined to make it to Trader Joes to check it out since you so highly recommend them. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!!

  3. For a land locked person like myself, I just drool over you and your Mom’s beach pictures. What a blessing to be able to go anytime. We don’t have Trader Joe’s in Canada that I know of. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful, thoughtful company that trains it’s employees to also look for ways to be thoughtful!

  4. What a wonderful testimonial for Trader Joe’s. It really warms the heart and makes me want to shop there more…
    Thinking of you guys as you enter your new adventures…

  5. Beach time is awesome. I live almost 2 hours away from the beach, but my kiddos aren’t beach lovers so I hardly ever go. And I too chicken to drive through SF to get to one.

    That would have been a great photo of the 12 kiddos watching the movie. How fun for them to grow up together.

    I hope your week is another one filled with faves.

  6. Your TJ stories warm my heart. I wonder if they have any idea how their employees have touched people like you.

    I smiled at the thought of you and your friends having such a good time, you forgot to take a photo of the kids. Sometimes it’s good to hold those happy memories in our minds 🙂

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