There… and Back Again (FFF)

I’m so sorry I haven’t been to visit each of you this last week.  I shall this week, I promise.  It’s been hectic around here.  But the good, flurry-of-activity and falling-into-bed-exhausted-every-night kind of hectic.

1. I’m thankful for a safe drive home from my parents’ house.  It took us 2 hours longer than usual to get home due to heavy traffic and it seemed that all the crazies were out.  It was a full moon tonight, after all.

2. 10 days with my parents.  Such a blessing!  We had so many fun days, including many trips to the beach, the farmers’ market, and a day of riding the train up to Santa Barbara and visiting the Mission. My Aunt and Uncle, here from Chicago for a mid-winter thaw, were also able to join us for the train ride and a beach day!

My Happy Place

My Happy Place


3.  Some days homeschooling is especially great. Some days it’s especially hard.  We had both this week. ZoeGrace did an amazing job with her reading and it really seemed to finally ‘click’!  But due to an insurance mix-up, she spent much of the week off meds. Instead of formal schooling during that time, which would have been far too much for her to handle, homeschooling allowed us the freedom to get out to the beach and study tide pools.

We learned about the inter tidal zone…

2014-01-15 tide pool2

Found all sorts of interesting sea creatures…

2014-01-15 tide pool3

Sea Anemone or Sea Urchins?

2014-01-15 tide pool4

Barnacles or Mussels?


And were watched closely by a noble, white crane.

2014-01-15 tide pool5

I think Charlotte Mason would be proud. ;o)

4. A cooking class with my Mum and the wisecracking Chef AJ.  The class was informative (she even had a good referral for me to contact to learn more about non-dairy, non-processed baby formula… though we haven’t had any infants, many of my friends have and would love to feed their foster babies more nutritionally appropriate formula), full of yummy, health-creating food, and  completely entertaining.

Added bonus?  My daddy babysat and this Mama got a much needed break!  He definitely gets the “Bapa of the year award”.  :o)

5. My Mum surprised us this morning by driving down with me to San Diego to help clean and pack for TBM (the big move).  Any extra time with my parents is a blessing since we’ll be moving so far away.

It’s been a week full of family, and for that I am grateful! Thank you, Susanne, for reminding us to find the joy in each hectic, busy week!


9 thoughts on “There… and Back Again (FFF)

  1. That’s terrible being stuck in traffic ! But at least you had a great time !
    Homeschooling is not allowed in the European countries. Each child has to go to school, unless there is a serious health problem involved.

  2. This made me smile when I realized you are Willow’s daughter! Sounds like you had a great time! Beautiful pictures to capture those times. Praying everything comes together and calms down soon. Moves are always so much work. 🙂

  3. I didn’t know Willoe was your mom! Neat!

    Oh, I hate traffic delays like that. Glad you finally made it home. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your mom – I grew up near the beach in TX and envy that about your mom’s location!

    Glad you got out for a bit of fun and that your mom is able to help get ready for the move.

  4. I’m not the only making the Willow connection 🙂 This explains the love of beaches!! So wonderful to have that time together with your parents. And I’m so glad your mom’s joining you to help with the move.

  5. Your week certainly was full and adventurous! Aren’t you a smart mommy dropping the formal schooling for the informal as the need arose. And I bet they learned so much. Love your happy place picture!

  6. How awesome that since you homeschool you have the option to fit the schedule and material to each child. That is one of the main reasons we homeschooled. I hope the med issue resolves quickly.

    It sounds like you had many delightful times with your mom this past week. I would have enjoyed going to that cooking show with you two. I am always trying to learn more healthy ways to cook and eat.

    Good luck with your decluttering and packing. So glad you mom was able to join you.

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