2014: A Year of HEALTH

I was unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘Word of the Year’ until I read someone else posting their word in early January.  It was such a brilliant idea that I pondered and prayed at great length about exactly what I wanted 2014 to characterize for me and my family.

I desire 2014 to be characterized by HEALTH.


I’ve struggled with my health for years and frequently have debilitating pain.  I’m working on developing HEALTHFUL habits that will minimize my pain and maximize my potential for strength. I am determined to increase my exercise and sleep more consistently (a hard task as a full-time mom).

I’ve found that eating Paleo helps minimize my abdominal swelling and pain, as well as lowered my blood pressure dramatically in the first 30 days. While in the past I’ve had low blood pressure, for the last 2 years it’s stayed in the 184/92 range, sometimes spiking even higher.  But now it’s stayed a HEALTHY, low range since August of 2013.  I’m grateful to see a nurse practitioner who believes me when I told her I’d changed all this by simply changing my diet.

A word on Paleo- while I find it helps me and quite a few of my friends find it a beneficial lifestyle, each person is different. My Mum is a plant-based vegan and that lifestyle helps her live at optimum health. Interestingly, it’s fairly easy for us to prepare meals together because we both emphasize eating REAL FOOD- we just switch out the forms of protein.  I’m working on eliminating all processed food from my diet and my children’s diets. It’s a challenge, especially in social settings, but I’m blessed that both my kids are great eaters and would prefer to eat spaghetti squash over pasta anyhow.


My husband and I have struggled through the process of infertility for over 6 years now.  It’s been draining physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  This next year, I’m eager to focus on emotional HEALING from infertility and the stress of foster parenting and adopting.  We adore our children and are grateful for them every day. Adoption has ALWAYS been part of our family plan, long before we were even married.  But the timeline didn’t work quite how we’d hoped and I’m giving myself the freedom to grieve that. I’m giving myself freedom to grieve the loss of control (I’m a control freak, so this is a big deal 😉 ) over how and when we can  expand our family.  We want more children. Many, many more.  But we have no control over how and when- it comes down to recommendations of social workers, therapists, lawyers, etc.  And I have to grieve that loss.  I can be HEALTHY and happy emotionally.  I can have joy and strength through infertility.


We’re big fans of Dave Ramsey and we’ve learned a lot about good stewardship in the last few years but there’s always space to grow and improve.  Especially faced with 2 large moves in the next 7 months.   So we’re excited for increased financial HEALTH and freedom this year.


While the Lord has been our steadfast strength as we went through the various phases of infertility and as we have forded the wild waters of parenthood, I have a huge need to grow in faith and prayer.  Our church has been an abundant source of grace but I’m needing to grow HEALTHIER prayer and scripture reading habits  before launching out to strange new places with no friends or family around.

I’m so incredibly blessed that through the last 10 years God has given me a HEALTHY relationship with my soul mate.  Through war, being very young newly weds, infertility, parenthood, foster care… my love has been the joy of my life.  

I’m excited for the next year and all the hope and HEALTH it promises!


6 thoughts on “2014: A Year of HEALTH

  1. Praying this is a year of health, peace, and emotional healing for you and that there will be joy in the midst of it all. We are Dave Ramsey fans around here, too. Blessings!!

  2. Your mom sent me the link to your blog and I was able to read some of your posts today– your family has been in my prayers for awhile now through the adoption process and just because I love your mom! I saw that you were using Fly Lady’s hints for moving and I wanted to tell you that I did too for some big moves– what a lifesaver! I hope that this one goes smoothly, and especially that you meet some wonderful friends in the new place. I’ve moved a lot and it seems like there’s always someone to connect with. I admire you so much for what you’ve done to make two children’s lives special. Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. You have some wonderful goals – very well-rounded too. We’re starting a small group study called the Daniel Plan which emphasizes some of the same things. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. It pleases me that it is so easy to eat healthfully, no matter what your diet is. “Stick with the plan.”
    These are great goals for the year. Now I should think about verbalizing mine.

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