Fave Five Feb 14

FFF feb.

I didn’t get around to commenting on everyone’s blogs last week. Mea culpa.  It was one of ‘those weeks’.  The ones where I’m so thankful to Susanne for hosting this each Friday because I have to think about the blessings, not the trials.

1. Safe Travels.  Our trip up to my Mum’s took a little longer than usual due to heavy traffic on the 405 but the kiddos were good and we arrived safely in just over 5 hours.  Hooray for family time!

2. Shout House.  A night out with friends at the Shout House.  If you’ve never been to a piano bar before- definitely take the time.  It’s such fun, especially when they start dueling pianos.  They even did a tribute to military wives- a la Top Gun.

AND they sang the Marine Corps Hymn.  One happy woman.

3. Plane Tickets. We bought plane tickets to see our favorite person people in the whole world.  I’m. So. Excited. The kids can barely contain themselves.  :o)

4. Good Friends.  We had a rough time Sunday morning and were supposed to have a bunch of people over for curry after church (I make the world’s best curry… I might just share the recipe with ya’ll some day).  When I didn’t show up to church due to monumental traumatized-four-year-old behaviors, I got lots of messages asking if we were ok and and everyone quickly  changed plans to go out to a favorite local Mexican place instead.  (And no one judged when I ordered a mojito before noon…)

I love adoption.  I love my children.  I’m SO GRATEFUL for my children.  But sometimes…  the trauma just sucks the life out of me.  I know it’s harder for them to process the trauma than for me to deal with their behaviors from it, so mostly I just feel sad for my babies.  But sometimes… the acronyms  (PTSD, RAD, ADHD and on and on…) add up into a daunting list of letters with overwhelming, tangible effects on my daily life. But sometimes all the time (sometimes I just don’t pay attention)… God’s grace shines through all the junk wrought by sin and I find peace in the midst of the turmoil.

“The Lord gives his people strength.  The Lord blesses them with peace.” Psalm 29:11

5.  New Shows.  I have a lot of time to myself in the evenings as I declutter and pack so I like to put a show on Netflix to watch as I sort. I found two new BBC masterpiece mystery shows that I have enjoyed: Endeavour (How gorgeous is Shaun Evans? Hubby wasn’t too impressed with this show so perhaps it was more that I was enamored with Shaun Evan’s accent..?) and The Bletchley Circle.


12 thoughts on “Fave Five Feb 14

  1. Sending hugs. I’m sorry that you’ve had such a difficult week. I’m sure you know this, but it’s only because they feel in a safe place with you that they can process this trauma. I hope that next week is better.

  2. I just love your honest reflections on adoption. It was such a wonderful thing, but not an easy one…but so worth it. I know what you mean about FFF — reminding you of the blessings, not the trials. It’s a great exercise. Have a great week ahead!

  3. 5 hours…glad you made it safe and sound. Also nice that you can spend the weekend with your folks. Those are a lot of letters to work through. May God continue to give you and strength and peace to carry on…

  4. Thank you, Mia, for sharing the struggles of you and your family. I will be praying, many times, for the tangible blessing of OUR Lord to surround, fill, heal, and guide. You are not alone in this. Your children are not alone in this.Sending (((HUGS)) too.

    I also found a new (to me) show to watch, Sherlock. When I asked my nieces about it tonight (at a birthday celebration for one of them), the middle child (16) rolled her eyes and said, “AUNTYYYYY. That is OLD news.” Thanks for sharing your newest finds. I promise not to roll my eyes or make any exclamations. 😉

    A rock and roll sing along and dueling pianos sound like a blast. So glad you had some FUN last week. Praying for fun for all of you THIS week.

  5. Mia I’m sorry you have had a rougher week but so glad you still joined in a looked for blessings. Love the scripture you shared and glad you found peace in the turmoil. Five hours is one long drive with a couple of kiddos.

  6. Goodness — five hours?! That your kids were good is a fave for sure! I’m sorry the acronyms have gotten you down this week. I’ve heard other parents share similar challenges (which is really too small a word). Hope that you can sense God’s grace and blessing carrying you through the ups and downs.

  7. 5 h drive is a long time ! but you arrived safely and had a good time. Your thoughts about adoption made me pensive. Sometimes it must be difficult, but it seems to me that you handle everything very well !

  8. Dear Mia, thanks for sharing your honest struggles and at the same time, finding the bright spots and blessings in the week. I’m praying for much joy in the Lord – and in experiencing His joy, you will find strength and courage for the precious calling that is yours. May He bless you and your family and bring you through the hard times with His love and grace.

    PS I enjoy Call the Midwife – have you tried it?

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