Finishing out March- Fave Five

FFF tulips

Is it the end of March already?  How time flies.   But I’m excited because the close of this month brings us to the month we finally, after almost 2 and a half years, get to adopt our kids!  That’s right folks, my first fave is….

1.  Adoption Date!  We got a call this week saying that we have a date set to finalize our adoption and it’s in APRIL!

2.  The View.  Are you getting tired of hearing about the view from my window?  Because I’m sure not tired of seeing it!  When I get weary and worn down, I just take a moment to gaze outside and it somehow resets my mood. Usually.  🙂

view from my window

Although today the view looks like this….  accompanied by wind rattling the house and thunder shaking our ear drums.

rainy day

Florida weather is crazy!  I think I’m ready to pay the SoCal sun tax right about now….  :o)

3. Blue Angels.  While I love our view of the lagoon, I think Liam prefers the view of the Blue Angels flying over our roof.  On any given day he wants to be a ‘jet fighter pilot’ or a ‘cardiologist to fix broken hearts’ when he grows up.  The blue angels are pretty thrilling for him- even if he did resort to tactical fire operations about half way through the show.  I sure do love boys.  :o)

Watching Blue Angels


4.  A washer and dryer!   For the last 2 weeks (and 3 months for my husband) we’ve been doing our laundry at our best friends’ home.  I am so deeply appreciative for their generosity but it will be a relief to be able to do laundry without lugging it a few miles away.  We have such wonderful friends the world over.

5.  Familiar Tastes.  I was feeling pretty homesick for Southern California last weekend- maybe because I had my first glimpse of the hot, muggy weather this area is known for (boy, am I dreading summer…)- and  so I tracked down the only Starbucks in our part of town and ordered my favorite drink for a hot day (an iced soy latte) and came home to read my new book out on the lawn while the kiddos scootered happily around our quiet cup-de-sac.


What tastes remind you of home?

We’ve had a low key week, lots of resting and snuggling and knitting and unpacking.   Definitely the highlight for the whole family was getting an adoption date!  What were the blessings in your week?  To view more blessings, head on over to Susanne’s at Living to Tell the Story where she hosts the Friday Fave Five each week.


Today is THE DAY

In case you didn’t know, today is kind of a big deal.

If you didn’t know, it’s probably because you don’t have a girl 8 years or younger prominently influencing your life.

Because today, people, the long awaited arrival of the Frozen DVD finally hit stores.  Coast-to-coast moms, aunts, big sisters, all swarm like rabid beasts to secure a copy for the special little princess in their life.  The refrains of Olaf and Elsa filter ceaselessly from home to home.

We have a sickie over here, so it was a perfect day to cuddle up with THE MOVIE.

frozen sick day

While one belted out Let It Go at record decibels and the other hacked away, I rested.  Long night before, up most of the time watching over my little man, and I was exhausted.  So I enjoyed the sunny view, knitted on some socks, and sipped down my third- ok, fourth cup of coffee.

frozen knitting

Speaking of Let It Go, the song has hit the nation like a rock-packed slush ball.  Whether you’ve heard the original theatrical performance

Or seen one of the many parodies, I think the Frozen Father has summed up the feelings of parents worldwide: Please, for the love of all sanity, let it be gone.  Please.

Bet you can’t get the song out of your head now, huh?  You’re welcome.

Un-beknownst to me until recently, there’s actually been quite a bit of hullaballoo about this movie.  Some folks from the Christian circle are touting the movie as one of the most Christian-themed movies of the year while others are arguing that it is one of the most ‘progressive’ movies of the year.  Steven D. Greydanus has some interesting thoughts on the discussion.  Since he’s far more eloquent and analytical than I, I’ll let you decide on the merit of his perspective.

For now, I’m going to go put Dave Matthews on repeat and attempt to shake the last vestiges of THE SONG from my internal playlist.

A New Adventure- FFF March 14

FFF birds on a wire

It’s been a busy few weeks.

1.  TOGETHER.  We’re together again as a family.  In military terms, it wasn’t a very long separation but for us 2 and a half months felt like an eternity.  Doing the single mom thing is exhausting horrible draining hard, though not as hard as I had dreaded, but trying to keep all the active parts organized for our cross country move AND the adoption AND selling the California house AND homeschooling while trying to single parent just about sent me on a one way trip to the cliffs of insanity.

Grateful that our next long separation will hopefully be once we are settled in one place and can have a solid routine established.

Even though he’s a momma’s boy extraordinaire, my son struggled most with the separation and he is just so thrilled to be back with his Daddy.  When he is tired and snuggly, he twirls my hair as I hold him.  Since my Marine shaves his head, Liam just strokes his head and face constantly.  These two together… Melt my heart.

daddy time

2. FAMILY.  My parents spent a very full weekend helping me get ready and encouraging me.  I would have lost my mind without them, I think.  :o)   And my kiddos just love being with their Mema and Bapa.  It was nice to have some last minute time with them.

3. FRIENDS.  I have the most amazing friends. Really.  They babysat, had sleepovers, let me borrow toys for the kids while all theirs were packed up, cleaned, brought me food and coffee, did my laundry, invited us to stay at their houses while we lived out of boxes…. the list goes on and on and on.  So blessed.  I will miss each one tremendously.

4.  REUNITED.  Not only were we reunited with Daddy, we were reunited with our best friends!  The kids were so excited to see their besties and I am finally in the same time zone as my wonder twin.  :o)

5.  HOME.  We don’t have anything in our new home, but that hasn’t stopped the kids from finding the benefits of an empty house:

Rolling across the soft carpet…


..hunting spiders and bugs (both outside and inside… Oh, Florida…)…


…watching boats and dolphins in the lagoon…


I adore the view from our back yard!


The first day and a half were grey and rainy but it’s been sunny today, the sun sparkling on the water like diamonds

…and playing in the yard.


When Liam first saw our back yard he stopped and exclaimed in awe, “Look, Mommy, a yard full of WISHES!”

Bonus:  I just received a call that our stuff will be delivered early next week!  We’d been told it could be up to 8 weeks, so I’m pretty thrilled not to be living out of a suitcase for more than 2 weeks!


Especially since I definitely packed more yarn than shoes.

For more fave fives, visit Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story.

Together Again

We’ve been a little busy lately… you know, moving across the country while being a ‘single’ mom.  After 2 and a half months apart, my kiddos are pretty thrilled to be with their daddy again.

daddy time

Our little warrior hasn’t stopped stroking my husband’s face and head all day.  :o)  The back door looks out over a lagoon, so they stand there together and watch dolphins.

One happy momma.