A New Adventure- FFF March 14

FFF birds on a wire

It’s been a busy few weeks.

1.  TOGETHER.  We’re together again as a family.  In military terms, it wasn’t a very long separation but for us 2 and a half months felt like an eternity.  Doing the single mom thing is exhausting horrible draining hard, though not as hard as I had dreaded, but trying to keep all the active parts organized for our cross country move AND the adoption AND selling the California house AND homeschooling while trying to single parent just about sent me on a one way trip to the cliffs of insanity.

Grateful that our next long separation will hopefully be once we are settled in one place and can have a solid routine established.

Even though he’s a momma’s boy extraordinaire, my son struggled most with the separation and he is just so thrilled to be back with his Daddy.  When he is tired and snuggly, he twirls my hair as I hold him.  Since my Marine shaves his head, Liam just strokes his head and face constantly.  These two together… Melt my heart.

daddy time

2. FAMILY.  My parents spent a very full weekend helping me get ready and encouraging me.  I would have lost my mind without them, I think.  :o)   And my kiddos just love being with their Mema and Bapa.  It was nice to have some last minute time with them.

3. FRIENDS.  I have the most amazing friends. Really.  They babysat, had sleepovers, let me borrow toys for the kids while all theirs were packed up, cleaned, brought me food and coffee, did my laundry, invited us to stay at their houses while we lived out of boxes…. the list goes on and on and on.  So blessed.  I will miss each one tremendously.

4.  REUNITED.  Not only were we reunited with Daddy, we were reunited with our best friends!  The kids were so excited to see their besties and I am finally in the same time zone as my wonder twin.  :o)

5.  HOME.  We don’t have anything in our new home, but that hasn’t stopped the kids from finding the benefits of an empty house:

Rolling across the soft carpet…


..hunting spiders and bugs (both outside and inside… Oh, Florida…)…


…watching boats and dolphins in the lagoon…


I adore the view from our back yard!


The first day and a half were grey and rainy but it’s been sunny today, the sun sparkling on the water like diamonds

…and playing in the yard.


When Liam first saw our back yard he stopped and exclaimed in awe, “Look, Mommy, a yard full of WISHES!”

Bonus:  I just received a call that our stuff will be delivered early next week!  We’d been told it could be up to 8 weeks, so I’m pretty thrilled not to be living out of a suitcase for more than 2 weeks!


Especially since I definitely packed more yarn than shoes.

For more fave fives, visit Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story.


8 thoughts on “A New Adventure- FFF March 14

  1. Fabulous happy post! Thanking the Lord that you are all together again. Enjoy your views and all those “wishes” in the back yard!

  2. This is the happiest post of my weekend! I’m glad you’re together as a family.
    Liam’s statement about a whole yard full of wishes–most of his have come true this week!

  3. Your backyard view is beautiful…but perhaps the most beautiful picture here is of father and son. Just love that. So wonderful that you’re reunited in so many ways. Thanks for sharing that JOY with us!! Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. I adore the photo of your little boy and your husband!! that is precious. Yay for your good friends helping you and so glad you have successfully moved……your ocean view is very pretty! Enjoy the weekend and getting to know your new surroundings.

  5. Wow, #1 is a major one! So glad you’re all together again. That photo is priceless.

    What a gorgeous view from your back yard!

    So glad you had friends to step in and help along the way. Hope you’re able to get settled as easily as possible.

  6. What a sweet picture of your son and husband. Love how your little guy strokes his head. You have a lovely view in your new home. Hope you are all settled in really soon!

  7. I smiled at the happy spirit your kiddos exhibited in finding the good in their new and empty home. Having a backyard of wishes is certainly a bonus.

    Your backyard view is awesome. Dolphins? Really? Way cool.

    So happy to hear, Mia, that you are reunited with so many people you love and will be reunited with your household belongings SOON.

    BTW – congrats on a job well done. 😉

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