Finishing out March- Fave Five

FFF tulips

Is it the end of March already?  How time flies.   But I’m excited because the close of this month brings us to the month we finally, after almost 2 and a half years, get to adopt our kids!  That’s right folks, my first fave is….

1.  Adoption Date!  We got a call this week saying that we have a date set to finalize our adoption and it’s in APRIL!

2.  The View.  Are you getting tired of hearing about the view from my window?  Because I’m sure not tired of seeing it!  When I get weary and worn down, I just take a moment to gaze outside and it somehow resets my mood. Usually.  🙂

view from my window

Although today the view looks like this….  accompanied by wind rattling the house and thunder shaking our ear drums.

rainy day

Florida weather is crazy!  I think I’m ready to pay the SoCal sun tax right about now….  :o)

3. Blue Angels.  While I love our view of the lagoon, I think Liam prefers the view of the Blue Angels flying over our roof.  On any given day he wants to be a ‘jet fighter pilot’ or a ‘cardiologist to fix broken hearts’ when he grows up.  The blue angels are pretty thrilling for him- even if he did resort to tactical fire operations about half way through the show.  I sure do love boys.  :o)

Watching Blue Angels


4.  A washer and dryer!   For the last 2 weeks (and 3 months for my husband) we’ve been doing our laundry at our best friends’ home.  I am so deeply appreciative for their generosity but it will be a relief to be able to do laundry without lugging it a few miles away.  We have such wonderful friends the world over.

5.  Familiar Tastes.  I was feeling pretty homesick for Southern California last weekend- maybe because I had my first glimpse of the hot, muggy weather this area is known for (boy, am I dreading summer…)- and  so I tracked down the only Starbucks in our part of town and ordered my favorite drink for a hot day (an iced soy latte) and came home to read my new book out on the lawn while the kiddos scootered happily around our quiet cup-de-sac.


What tastes remind you of home?

We’ve had a low key week, lots of resting and snuggling and knitting and unpacking.   Definitely the highlight for the whole family was getting an adoption date!  What were the blessings in your week?  To view more blessings, head on over to Susanne’s at Living to Tell the Story where she hosts the Friday Fave Five each week.


5 thoughts on “Finishing out March- Fave Five

  1. So happy for the 4 of you and well even more than four of you. That’s wonderful that you have been given a date! Tastes that remind me of home…hmmm if I think of my growing up home borsch comes to mind. My today home would probably be good strong coffee…or Dear’s Tomato Rice soup…

  2. How wonderful that you have an adoption date, and it is fairly soon!
    That view is gorgeous. I think I would love to live near the water, or at least visit it more often.
    How neat to have the Blue Angels so close by! My boys would have loved that.
    And to be able to wash and dry clothes in your own home will be wonderful.

  3. So glad you have your adoption date!! What great news.

    It’s so funny to hear you write about Florida’s strange weather – everyone around here thinks Florida is the place to be especially during our winter. But I don’t like muggy weather either. We don’t get it very often. It’s murder on the hair 🙂

    A friend of mine announced the gender of her twins with a picture of 2 blue angels 🙂

    Happy weekend!

  4. How exciting for your family! So thrilling to finally have that date and have it coming up so soon!

    I am totally with your son and would be out there watching the blue angels every time. I have seen them once when they attended our air show years ago and it was a bit scary I must admit having them fly right over top of us but a thrilling kind of scary. We get to see our Canadian Snowbirds fly over once a year when they do the air shows and even though the jets aren’t quite as big as the Blue Angels it’s still awesome!

  5. That is quite the view. No wonder it is mood-lifting! And certainly the news of the adoption date. We celebrate with you!

    Rain? I’m not sure I’d recognize it anymore!

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