It’s Official!

FFF tulips

It’s the last Friday of April 2014 and we have a LOT to celebrate!  Join Susanne to share the favorite parts of your week.

1.  It’s official!!!!  We are a forever family!!!

We were so sad that Daddy couldn’t come to California with us for the adoption but we are thankful for technology so he could at least FaceTime in. We are grateful for his service to our country, which sometimes limits his ability to participate in momentous family occasions.  It’s a sacrifice, but it’s worth it.  I’m so proud of him.  And, much like a wedding, what matters most is the lifetime together after the occasion- and no matter what, we are family now.  Our joy over flows and we thank the Lord for seeing us through this long journey in His own, perfect way.

adoption day- judge

adoption day- cake


2.  Supportive friends and family!  So many people came out to the courthouse and our friends’ home to celebrate.  We had back-to-back-to-back play dates and hangouts and received so many well-wishing emails and letters from folks who couldn’t make it to the adoption.  And a dear friend let us live with them for nearly 2 weeks.  So blessed. So humbled.  So grateful.

adoption day- group pic


3. Amazing parents.  I got to spend some time visiting with them and then they helped out so much with preparing for the adoption and keeping me sane during party prep.

adoption day- grands

Then poor Bapa had to be left behind and Mema drove across the entire country with us (she kept me sane functional).  Seriously, folks, parents of the year award for the billionth year running…

adoption day- mema and liam


4. Safe Travels.  We drove more than 2500 miles in the last week.  From San Diego to Phoenix, where we spent a few days with my brother and his wife.  Up to Albuquerque where we got to meet my husband’s grandparents, aunt & uncle, and cousins for the first time.  Across to Oklahoma City, down to Houston and then home to Florida.  My  wonderful mother drove with me the whole way. We love road trips and my kids are fantastic travelers, so aside from a rough night in Houston, we had a really great time!

road trip east


5.  My husband.  He’s so sweet, sensitive, and caring! I love that he has the gentlest heart you’ll ever meet…

Hubby love

But he easily turns Knight in Kevlar Armor to protect those he loves most.  He came through and took care of us from hundreds of miles away when we faced a bad situation in Houston and I’m so grateful he’s mine.  All mine!  :o)


And I’m so grateful we’ll get to be with him indefinitely now!  So joyful to be a family again.

Now I’m ready to settle into a routine and enjoy exploring Florida.

Until next time, West Coast….

good bye LA


8 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. So glad for all of you. What joy to have the legal process behind you! Glad you made it all the way to Florida with your sanity.

  2. So so happy for you!! Such happiness shining out in those pictures! And what a mom! Although a road trip sounds like a lot of fun! Many blessings to you, your Knight and your little ones!

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful to have all the legalities behind and to be able to just enjoy each other as a family forever.

    Your mom is a braver soul than I am. The farthest road trip where I’ve driven all the way is 3 hrs. So glad the journey went well.

    Love your description of your husband! Face Time is such a wonderful invention. One of our sons is in another state and is able to participate in birthday and other occasions that way, besides just talking once a week or so. All the kids even played Settlers of Catan via Face Time once. 🙂

  4. I read your mom’s list of faves first and was soooo excited for you all!! congratulations and give the children a big hug from a blogging friend in New York 🙂 It is just marvelous! I love how you described your husband..he sounds like a wonderful man, husband, father and servant of our country. Please do tell him THANK YOU for serving!!

  5. Just saw your mom’s post on this blessed event. SO awesome. Nothing warms my heart like a good adoption story! Your children are just beautiful. Be sure to tell your hubby his service is so appreciated. I can’t wait for the day we bring our little India belle home to America – my son and his wife are adopting internationally. This was such a stirring post full of blessings – thanks! (We’re in Florida, too!)

  6. So, so exciting! What wonderful news! Love the picture with your mom and dad. I didn’t realize your Dad was so tall! What a blessing your Mom was to drive all that way with you. Enjoy your new home!

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