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So, there hasn’t been any blogging lately but there’s been a LOT of living!  There’s been moving, exercising, playing, fun, fitness, fireworks, beauty.

Monet Sunset

A Monet-worthy Sunset at the dock by our Pensacola home

We’ve moved.  Again.  We are situated in a bitty little apartment while we wait to move in to our new home!  Not sure what to think about living in the North yet, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it over time. So far, the best part of being in Maryland has been reunification with Trader Joe’s.  We’re just a little excited.



We were just falling completely in love with the South when we left.  Sure, it wasn’t SoCal (my heart will always be in California) but we made some wonderful friends and spent nearly every day swimming in the warm water of the Gulf.

beach days2


t&L beach


beach time1


beach days3


No, really.   We LIVED at the beach.


One of the highlights was when our Cousin and Mema & Bapa came for a visit!

cousin love4


Hubs and I started P90x3 and it’s been dutifully kicking our booties.  Love it.  We’ll be starting a new round once we move into our home and actually have an exercise space (yay!).  We’ve been managing to eat pretty well, even while traveling.  I’ll try to share our tips on that in a later post.  🙂

booty kicking CVX crop


There’s been knitting.  Lots of knitting.  I’m working on a special project for my baby nephew and am SO EXCITED about how it’s turning out.   Can’t wait to share it!

knitting hotel

Well, MOSTLY healthy food while traveling. 😉 My husband spoiled me with room service brownies a la mode. Yup, he’s a keeper. 🙂


Now we’re just getting used to life in the North East.  These 2 little adventurers are keeping us busy, but enjoying getting to see so much of the United States this year!  :o)

fourth of july 2014

(a little late, I know…)


So I guess my faves this week are:

Beach Time

Family Time

Travel Mercies

Flexible & Adventurous Children

Health & Fitness  🙂

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