Gone Adventuring- FFF

We’ve been exploring the area in the last few weeks so a lot of my faves have to do with our adventures.

FFF daisies

1. Birthday Trip- We drove down to visit our best friends. Through all the moves, we’ve always been able to be close to them as we’ve moved to the same regions within months of each other. Such a blessing.  Our birthday tradition is to treat each other to a day spa sometime in June/July since we both have birthdays around then and this year we made sure to sneak in a quick massage. I fell in love with the Sicilian Bergamot lotion they used at the spa.

2. Centennial Park- a beautiful park close to Columbia with a lake, boat rentals, hiking, biking, and multiple play structures. We’ve already been twice.  I can’t wait to visit here when the leaves change this Fall!

Centennial park2


centennial park1


3. Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. Beautiful!  Lots of hiking and a great playground.

quiet waters3


quiet waters2


We found plenty of interesting things to study….

quiet waters1


quiet waters4


4.  Exploring DC.  We visited as many monuments and memorials as a 4 year old could reasonably be expected to walk to in one afternoon.  We’re excited to go back and see the Capital, visit all the Smithsonian Museums and see the White House at Christmas.

The kids loved the Lincoln Memorial

lincoln memorial


And the Washington Monument

wash mon2


wash mon1

Little Man thought the restrooms were hilarious: “Aw, it’s so cute!! It’s like a little mini monument but it’s not actually a monument it’s just a bathroom!!”

mini monument


And I loved the Modern Sculpture Garden!

sculpture garden


The kids were less enthused… They couldn’t see how it could be a real sculpture if it didn’t look like a nude Roman god and kept referring to them as pretend sculptures.  Apparently we spoiled them too much with the Getty….  😉

We always get excited about representing our Marine Corps pride…

USMC seal

Semper Fi. Yut-yut.  Oorah. Devil Dog.


It was a fun day but in the end, we were all pretty tuckered out!

all tuckered out


5. We visited a church we loved and got asked out to lunch after!  Finding a church can be hard and visiting a new place each week has taken its toll so we’re hoping and praying that this is the community that God is drawing us to.  Everyone was so kind, they are very gospel-centered and missional and the worship was great.


That’s sums up the blessings of our week as concisely as possible. 🙂  For more Friday Fave Fives, visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.


3 thoughts on “Gone Adventuring- FFF

  1. I’m so pleased you’e back doing FFF! Loved Little Man’s description of the bathroom.
    Hurray for bffs who share so much with you!

  2. Oh, I do hope the church visiting will end soon and you’ll begin to settle in with a good community. Smiled at your kids’ opinions of modern sculpture. Sounds like there are many good places to explore with your family.

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