Coming Together

It’s coming together.  Slowly.

We have nearly 1,000 sqft more space in our new house and, somehow, I can’t figure out where to put all our stuff??  Plus I still have tons of giveaway and Craigslist stuff.  Yikes, I need to purge more. C’mon FlyLady!

But at least I have one spot completely unpacked and mostly decorated (still need to find a cozy rug for the room).

While most of the house looks like this…

unpacking mess

Our book room looks cozy and inviting.

book room

Now if only I could get the gas fireplace to work.

I’ve got a little nook for my desk and it looks out on the trees behind our house.  It’ll be a flurry of Fall colors in a few weeks and I can’t wait.

The other side of the room has this cozy little knitting corner.

cozy corner

I’m working on a Pickles sweater for the Princess. Love me some Pickles patterns!

ZG Sweater

Instead of unpacking any more tonight, I’m sitting in my cozy corner, watching Gilmore Girls and knitting- imagining that the rest of my house is magically turning into the welcoming, organized oasis of the book room.  Mmmmm….


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