My Art

My mother is an artist.  She sees beauty everywhere and creates beauty daily.  She has this awesome group of women that she meets with that refine each other’s artistic calling and gifts.  It’s pretty great.

As we were driving across the country, she asked me what MY art was. I think she assumed, like most folks, I’d say knitting or something.

Instead, I told her I didn’t have one.

Art is something that comes from your innermost being, an expression of yourself that creates great satisfaction and joy.   It can be painting, sewing, playing music… art.  But it’s so much more than just my crafting.  Sure, I like to knit and sew but I wouldn’t call it my art. For some people it IS an art and they design and make the most amazing things.  But for me, I just like to copy a pattern and *poof* soft, pretty things.   I knit to unwind.  I LOVE it.  But it’s not a personal creation, not a representation of me.

Well, my mom wouldn’t have it.  ; ) She knew I enjoyed creativity too much to not have an art.  So I drove and she knit and she thought.  And then she had it.  My art.  “Mia, your art is cooking. ”

It was so simple I missed it.

I create food that reflects me.  Few things give me more joy than creating in the kitchen and sharing it with those I love.  I’m no chef at Le Cordon Bleu but it doesn’t matter – it tastes like me.  It’s my art; how I show love.

banana pancakes

Photography and food presentation is not my gift.  My food never looks tasty in pictures.  But I assure you, it’s tasty in person.  🙂


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