Hot Spot Saturday

Today I’m focusing on some pockets of clutter that popped up while unpacking.  The kitchen counter, in particular, became a catch-all for things I didn’t know how to deal with yet as I pulled them out of the box.  Now that all but a few boxes are unpacked, I need to go through my little hot spots of (surprise, surprise) mostly paper clutter and shred, file or otherwise put away everything in them.

I hate dealing with paper clutter.  It’s the bane of my beautiful home.

Today’s goals:

The out of control kitchen counter

kitchen counter clutter


This pile of filing on my desk

desk clutter

Taking all of the empty boxes to the garage.  We recycle them each week, but there are so many it will probably take another 3 weeks or so to get all the boxes properly disposed of.  And that’s after sharing a large portion of the of boxes and packing paper with some friends that were moving locally.

box clutter

We’ve got another round of the sniffles so we’re laying low and tackling jobs that can be done sipping coffee in slippers. 🙂  How do we keep getting sick??  I suppose it’s all the moving… each time we move we get exposed to a whole new set of germs.

Happy Saturday!


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