PINK Birthday Recap

We had such a wonderful time celebrating our Princess!

blowing out candles_edit

We started the day with Birthday Pancakes

bday pancakes_edit

Had some friends over to bake and decorate cupcakes

cupcake baking_edit

The Birthday Girl picked dinner…. we had to talk her down from lobster.  No, seriously.  This kid has the most advanced taste buds! Her birthday dinner consisted of lamb chops (Hubs did an AMAZING job) with thyme and other spices, rice with a lime, white whine and spice sauce and my signature brussel sprouts.

lamb dinner

She was so blessed by so many people.

pink pressies_edit

And Hubs and I surprised her with a play kitchen.  Mommy and Daddy for the win! 🙂

play kitchen_edit

sharing kitchen_edit

We got Little Warrior a little present too and he loves having “the whole solar system!” hanging on his wall.

solar system poster_edit

Love her!

elsa dress_edit


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