Pumpkins, Spice, Autumn Delights- FFF

I just love Fall.  As mush as I miss SoCal, one thing I am excited about enjoying on the East Coast is the crisp mornings and vibrant colors.

FFF fall flowers

In honor of Autumn, my favorites for the week:

1. New Pajamas. A pen got left in a pocket, ruining an entire load of laundry.  Unfortunately, both my pairs of pajama pants were in it.  So my sweet husband went out to the mall and bought me a pair of warm, cozy flannel ones from one of my favorite stores.  Major brownie points and just in time for colder weather.

2.  Ruby Red Chai Tea from Trader Joe’s.  Autumn in a cup.

ruby red tea

3. Scarves & Boots.  I hate being cold.  And when it’s less than 70 degrees my hands and feet hurt.   Oh, southern climes… I miss you…  But despite hating being cold (or maybe because of…), I LOVE bundling up in boots and scarves and sweater dresses!!

4. Thai Meatballs.  Oh my goodness, these were amazing!  I used peanut butter instead of almond butter and couldn’t find coconut aminos so I substituted soy sauce.  Next time I’ll put the cilantro inside the meatballs instead of as garnish.  Everyone in the family loved them and we’ll definitely add it to our frequent meal list.

thai meatballs

5. Cooked Apples.  My kids’ favorite treat right now is apples chopped up and cooked in honey and cinnamon.  They taste delicious (especially with some vanilla yogurt on top) and make my kitchen smell amazing.

apples cooking

Happy Autumn!  Head on over to Susanne’s at Living to Tell the Story to read and share Friday’s Fave Five.


7 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Spice, Autumn Delights- FFF

  1. Glad you had good things to enjoy this week. My adult palette loves cilantro. My high school palette thought it tasted like soap.

  2. I have always loved that teapot. But–there’s not Earl Grey in it? I know you love boots and scarves, so you’ll stay warm and stylish all winter.

  3. Autumn is a fave for me too and I can’t imagine living anywhere but the great northeast! About Gordon College. Yes all students faculty and staff have to sign a life in faith contract. The controversy started when the president asked the USA president to exempt gordon from hiring homosexuals who are practicing. They are a Christian college and have the right to have these biblical standards. My daughter has gay friends on campus and they are celibate. Gordon is very diverse and just an awesome environment all around. Sadly, the Boston media has really made it difficult for them. They DO accept people of all walks of life and do not discriminate. However, they do also keep to their biblical standards and conduct and expect all staff, faculty and students to abide by the rules. Of course no one is perfect, but the expectations are there. And the possibility of losing their accreditation is absolutely wrong. Sorry this is so long! I couldn’t find an email for you.

  4. New cozy pj pants just in time for cool weather – great stuff! Very thoughtful of your husband.

    I’m not a Thai food fan but my husband is – might look into those meatballs.

    I’ll have to try the cooked apples as well. We gets cans of them for Sunday morning breakfast, but they have gotten way expensive.

  5. Oh you have my mouth watering for some cooked apples. One of my favorite treats as a kid was when my mom just grated an apple, skin and all, and added a dash of cinnamon and sugar (though nowadays I too would use honey). Those meatballs sound delicious! That teapot is lovely and I love chai tea!

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