Catching Up- FFF

Each Friday Susanne hosts Friday’s Fave Five where we share 5 blessings from our weeks.

FFF fall flowers

I missed last week because we had company.  My sister and nephew were out for a long weekend, which is, of course, my first fave!

1. A Lovely Visit.  The cousins love to be together.

We visited a pumpkin patch one day

pumpkin patch_2014_1

pumpkin patch_2014_2

pumpkin patch_2014_3

went apple picking another (sadly, I forgot to take any pictures because we were having so much fun) and visited Starbucks and parks daily.


Fort Smallwood has a little beach where the kids like to toss pebbles and wade in the water after running around at the park for a bit.

Relaxing and fun.

2. Speaking of Cousins, we have a new one!  Our little PAL was born last week and everyone is just SO excited. We haven’t been able to see her yet so I stole my mum‘s picture of this precious little one.  🙂

little PAL

3.  Domesticity.  We’ve been home a few days this week so I’ve gotten a lot done.  We’re caught up on the school we got behind on while family visited and I’ve cooked and baked up to wazoo. Remember how we went apple picking? Well… we may have gotten a bit carried away because we ended up with 27 pounds! So I made apple pie, tons of apple sauce, and while I was baking I figured I should make some honey whole wheat bread to go with the huge vat of minestrone soup I made.

apple pie

After sampling, I’ve concluded: 1) I make darn good pie 2) I have to change my pie recipe because.. 3) Produce on the East Coast is not nearly as flavorful as the West Coast

zg cooking

The Princess LOVES helping in the kitchen 🙂

4.  Knitting.  The weather is turning colder and my knitting is constantly with me.  Hats, fingerless gloves, vests- all being knit in abundance as I use up my stash.


Enkel Vest by Pickles

My sister decided to sneak a picture of me knitting at the pumpkin patch.  Apparently, normal people don’t do this??  😉

knitting pumpkin patch

Also, apparently I’m the only person who thinks it’s cold!  Everyone else was in short sleeves and my kids and I were bundled up in boots and sweaters.

5. Health & Fitness. A year ago I was overweight and miserable physically, emotionally, spiritually.  I’d gained nearly 40 pounds due to multiple failed fertility treatments and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  So I vowed that 2014 would be a healthy year for my family.  I still have a long way to go but I’m healthier and stronger each month, thanks mostly to my Beach Body programs (21 Day Fix and P90x3 for now.. I really want to try TurboFire and Les Mills Combat sometime soon, though!) and eating Paleo (and apple pie, of course)  I love Beach Body- it’s a fantastic company with solid products.


Left was August 2013, though I looked like this until January of 2014.  The right is a few weeks ago.  I still have a ways to go before I feel like myself again, but bit by bit I’m getting back into shape and I love it! Except today because I’m SO. SORE.  Curse you, super burpees.  😉

It’s a beautiful, sunny day so we’re finishing up school early and heading out to enjoy a hike!


3 thoughts on “Catching Up- FFF

  1. Since I haven’t seen you in person since June, I’m thrilled to see the transformation. Hurray for you and all your discipline.
    Mmmm, apples and apple sauce and apple pie and whole wheat bread! You are an amazing cook.
    I thought everyone carried their knitting around with them… 🙂

  2. Lookin good girl! So glad you have been able to find a program that is working for you feeling better all around. I love it when cousins can spend time together and enjoy each other…so special. May they be good friends and support each other with love and forgiveness all their lives!

  3. Don’t worry…you guys are in Virginia, right?? you will be MUCH warmer down there than i am up here in Eastern NY/upstate NY/Capital region. Our current temps is about 50 because we’ve had a mild autumn….but come January it will be mainly in the teens and low 20s or even the single digits. I’m from central NY which is even more “upstate” and in the snow belt (Lived there until graduating from college way back in 1982) and THOSE Temps and snow amounts were even worse than here in Albany! So…..enjoy the 4 seasons…there’s something special about all of them here on the east coast. Your kids look like they are having a blast at the farm. Happy Halloween!

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