Happy Halloween- FFF

FFF fall background

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It’s getting  cold here.  When we got to the farm yesterday it was 43 degrees.  43.  In October. I just about cried since that’s as cold as it ever gets in San Diego.  My feet and hands hurt so much.  BUT I do love Fall out here and we bought sleds in preparation for Winter so I’m trying to enjoy the new climate. Really.  Cold just hurts so bad.   My faves for the week pretty much revolve around the temperature outside.

1.  One last warm day.  Tuesday was gorgeous- sunny & warm. Even I wore short sleeves and felt {mostly} warm.   So we went to a park on the Bay and the kids played for hours at the playground and the wee little beach – wading out in to the water and tossing stones and drift wood-  while I sat and talked with a friend.  Lovely afternoon.  🙂

2. Apple Picking and Hay Mazing.  I met up with another friend to take the kids apple picking (again).  The Princess and Little Warrior checked out the hay maze and all the other fun stuff at the farm.

apple picking_2

Apple Picking_1

Notice how bundled up they are.. my children have NEVER been in temperatures this low before. haha


apple picking_3

apple picking_4

3. Snow Boots.  I went to get my first ever pair of snow boots. The folks at REI were helpful and friendly. They didn’t have the pair I wanted in my size so they are shipping them to me for free.  They  kept apologizing and I said, “No worries, as long as they get delivered before the first snow!”  But then… the clerk said they had projected snow mixed into the rain this weekend.  And I crawled into a corner and cried.   😉  But I am excited to have some warm, cozy boots arriving soon to hopefully help keep my tootsies warm and stop them from hurting.

4. Apple Sauce. Little Warrior LOVES apple sauce on cottage cheese.  It’s an easy way to get him to consume large amounts of calories to gain weight.  We went back apple picking to get more apples for apple sauce and I’m quickly filling up my whole freezer with jars upon jars of home made goodness.  It’s cheaper than buying the organic stuff from Trader Joe’s and it’s yummier too!  🙂

5. Pumpkin Carving.  We carved up our big pumpkin last night.  I realized we’d NEVER done that before with the kids. Crazy.  Super fun, even though poor Jack had to get a root canal and suffered a lopsided smile as a consequence (I really stink at carving pumpkins…)!


Happy Halloween!  And brace yourselves…

the elsas are coming


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween- FFF

  1. I’m really sorry that cold affects you so viciously. But hopefully those nice warm boots will help out a lot. The farm looks like it was lots of fun. Had to laugh at the root canal of ol’ Jack. Sorry Jack.

  2. I am not a fan of cold weather, either. Hope your boots and bundling up keep you more comfortable. I had to smile at Jack’s root canal, too. We have only carved pumpkins the last few years since my d-i-l came into the family and wanted to, so I am not an expert, but it’s fun.

  3. Be glad you don’t live in Canada. The first winter we were there our 3 year old would wake up in the morning and ask, “Mommy, what’s the below?”
    Doesn’t REI sell foot warmers for your shoes and hand warmers?

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