Friday Fave Fives: First of 2015

fff winter button

Every week a lovely group of bloggers gather to celebrate our ‘Faves’ of the week.  It’s an exercise in gratitude and seeing the blessings in our days.  Susanne at Living to Tell the Story graciously hosts each week.  In case you missed it, I really need reasons to find JOY in my life these days!

1. My sister and nephew came for Christmas.  We all ended up sick so we stayed in all week and it was actually just what we needed.  A week of downtime while the cousins played and the adults drank copious amounts of coffee & tea.

cousins christmas 2015

2. FaceTime and Skype.  Staying connected with our families made the distance feel not quite so dismal. Though we missed talking with my older brother and his family. Hopefully, soon.  🙂

3. Hubby is home for the whole week!  It’s been amazing. After working 80 hours a week with almost no leave for 3 years, we are LOVING this new job.  Plus, he’s got a ton of leave saved up that he needs to burn.  🙂

4.  A surprise visit from a childhood friend of Hubby’s who is a Marine now. We just love opening up our home, and it’s fun to carry on in my parents’ tradition of giving a place of rest to young Marines in need of space from barracks life. He’s a great guy and it was fun to connect after years of keeping up via Facebook.

5. Lots and lots of knitting.  I actually made my thumb split & bleed at one point from knitting so much to try to finish a project before Christmas (I failed, but I’m mailing it off tomorrow).

knitting gma blanket

This is the Cabled Cradle Spread from Pickles but on bigger needles, with bigger yarn, and knit much longer.  I’ll post more details once the recipient gets it.  🙂

Bonus: Figuring out how to use Giphy in my blog posts:

star trek new years giphy

Because who doesn’t need more Kirk and Spock in their lives??

Happy New Year!  May the Lord bless you and keep you in 2015.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fave Fives: First of 2015

  1. Sorry everybody was sick! But I’m glad you got lots of visiting in.

    That’s wonderful about your hubby having some time off! And neat that you could open your home to a Marine.

    I don’t knit, but that looks lovely enough to make me wish I did.

    I love FaceTime, too, for our son whose far away. Even our son here will Facetime with us so we can see our grandson inbetween visits, always a joy.

  2. Although you were all sick, it was still great to have the cousins together.

    VIsiting Marines almost always bring joy, laughter and a sense of security to a celebration 🙂

    Any project by Pickles will be a good one!

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