Friday Fave Five: Freezing



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Welcome to Susanne’s Friday Fave Five where we share five blessings from our week.

With The Princess’ first week back in school being riddled with snow days and late starts, I did not get the commenting and blogging done that I wanted but small progress is progress- I did get my house cleaned and lots of snuggles in.  My goal is to actually get around and comment on every body’s posts this week.  🙂

1.  My first blessing is surviving our first serious cold streak here.  Yikes.

IMG_3326 The first time we went out in “real snow”, Little Warrior got snow in his mittens so his hands got too cold and he screamed bloody murder (he does that, sometimes…) for an hour after coming inside, despite going straight in to a warm bath & sitting by the fire with hot cocoa.  But, after getting some new, water proof mittens to wear OVER the wool mittens, he’s gotten the hang of being out in the cold and loves it.


They’ve mastered the art of sledding down the hill behind our house. 🙂

2.  Finishing & mailing a bunch of knitting and sewing projects, including this ginormous one. Whew.


3.  Music.  More specifically, a sound system that plays it with amazing clarity and range.  Hubby wanted to use his Christmas money for a sound system on our main living floor, but I said, “Honey, we really don’t need it. I just play music on my laptop.”  Words I have since eaten with a slice of humble pie because I use the sound system all. the. time.  I seriously can’t hear Barber’s Adagio enough on it.

And Foo Fighters and Nirvana are pretty great on it too.


4.  Totally materialistic- but my next fave is pressies.   I got a few amazon cards and used them to buy a few books I’ve been wanting to read before starting grad school and then a bunch of birthday presents for folks. Then I used the money I would have spent on birthday presents to get a new purse.  I’ve been majorly crushing on this Marc Jacobs one, but no way I’m paying that much so I trolled eBay until finding this more affordable, used gem.  I’m in love.  And getting rid of all my other purses makes it sort of simplifying, right?


And my awesome, leak proof Contigo coffee mug broke so my sister ordered me this gorgeous coffee mug that I’ve also been crushing on.  Squee.


5.  Time with this little nut. I haven’t had much time to myself yet because of how schedules have been working out with snow days, but I’ve definitely had more time with this little guy and he’s a different kid with big sister being in school. Back to his old, sweet self. We are both such introverts that we can happily do our own things without talking while sitting in the same room. He loves to play with the Princess and can’t wait for her to get home, but she’s so extroverted and talkative, I think it just wore him out to be around it 24 -7.


This Dino-ologist kit has entertained him for. hours. and. hours.  Even now, he’s sitting next to me meticulously brushing away plaster.  Oh my heart.


When I was a kid I used to do my school work by the fire so my Mom named our homeschool “Fireside Academy”.  Little Warrior decided to continue on the tradition.  🙂


He’s also obsessed with this carved angel and takes it around everywhere.  He cracks me up.



That’s been my week of surviving the first winter storm.  We’re expecting more snow next week. Yay.  Where did you find JOY in the little (and big) things this week?


8 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five: Freezing

  1. Don’t tell me the Contigo mugs can break—I carry mine everywhere. Little Warrior loves that angel because she looks like his mom. There’s nothing like warm mittens–hopefully no more screaming.

  2. I grew up in TX, and the first time I was around snow, I was amazed and surprised that it was so cold it hurt. We didn’t have mittens or gloves, so we put socks on our hands – didn’t help much. 🙂 So I was quite disillusioned about snow, too, until I learned how to dress for it when we lived in SC.

    We didn’t get snow here in Knoxville this week but it did get down to 7 degrees one morning – very cold for us!

    Love, love Barber’s Adagio. Hearing it through a sound system would be so cool.

    Your projects look so nice.

  3. Smiling at little one keeping his angel close. That’s a beautiful ginormous blanket! Hubby is definitely right about that music system…

  4. Yay!!! you survived your first real snow! We actually don’t have much at all on the ground up here in eastern NY but it has been downright BITTER COLD! yesterday we had a 2 hour school delay due to the frigid wind chills. I haven’t been able to take the students out for recess. But..i DO Love the 4 seasons and the blessings for me this week were hot steaming mugs of coffee, warm fleece blankets and fleece leggings to wear under thick long sweaters. Hope you have a restful weekend

  5. Oh how I miss the sledding when my kids were that age! Loved your pictures and glad that your little guy is getting used to the cold and can enjoy that fun activity! Good sound does make a huge difference in the listening experience…my hubby has taught me that too. Totally loving your new purse and your new mug!

  6. I am complaining about the cold here, but that does not compare!! I think I just don’t like wearing layers around IN the house. I miss my flip flops. Glad I didn’t get new ones for Christmas! I love your post! And love the simplification of things. How did you part with all your other purses?? I am on a mission to simplify also. Miss you friend. Praying for your family. Would love an update on your man too…..I know he is liking his job better…..but what else??

  7. Hello Mia,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello! I’ve enjoyed my visit here with you. Glad that your kiddos had the opportunity to slide down that hill in the snow! Your kids are so cute! Loved the pictures!

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