Friday Fave Five: Skating through the month

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Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts us each week to share 5 of the favorite parts of our week.

1. 3 Day Refresh.

I love BeachBody programs and this one didn’t disappoint.  I lost 3 pounds but more importantly it jump-started me on healthy eating habits that I’d grown lax on over the past few months.  I’m not gonna lie, I was crazy hungry the last night, but overall the rest of the the time wasn’t bad at all. Though Sunday night was hard- mostly because I ice skated for 2 hours and shoveled snow for 30 minutes on the 3rd day of 900 calories a day- overall I did not feel deprived of food because you’re consuming something every few hours.  I’ll definitely be doing it again when I plateau and need something to zap my metabolism to attention.


But once in awhile I did think of this and giggle.

goal weight giphy

2. The Princess is loving school.  This is a huge blessing.  I knew she would but still worried about it since she was so adamantly opposed to the idea at first.  And her new teacher is great. We had an unsavory experience with SoCal public schools, but I’ve been beyond impressed with the educators at her school so far.

3.  An ice skating birthday party with the Princess.  It was fun to get an afternoon out, just us. And we had a great time ice skating with her friends.

We liked to think of ourselves as this…

ice skating yes giphy

But in reality were more like this…

ice skating no giphy

We had so much fun I didn’t get a single picture!  🙂

4. Hubs was supposed to be out of town all week and ended up only having to be away Monday & Tuesday.  Though we do fine on our own when we must, life is always better with him around.  I never sleep well when he’s away so it’s comforting to have him home.  Excuse me while I go swoon.  😉

dalmatians giphy

5. Finishing projects.  I was able to finish 3 projects this week!  I hate weaving in ends and blocking and such, so I have to plan in times to finish up all the projects I’m working on.  I also cast on a fun new secret project and was able to problem solve a way to smooth out some edges that were pretty gnarly at the color switch.  They’re still not perfect, but a lot better, and I’ll keep experimenting to see if I can make it even smoother.  🙂


And bonus, I got to go on a little reading date with this sweet boy.  He’s started reading chapter books and I’m having such a tough time finding age-appropriate books (he just turned 5 at the beginning of the month).  We’re doing Nate the Great and Encyclopedia Brown but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  He’s also in love with TinTin books. ❤

reading date


4 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five: Skating through the month

  1. So glad the Princess is enjoying school and has good teachers! Haha! My ice skating days are well over…got to protect my hips! My niece will be 7 this month and the Magic Tree House series was on her list.

  2. My kids loved the Magic School bus books. Not chapter books per se, more like graphic novels but educational and fun. Loved all your extras in your post today. I so get the skating one! LOL. Poor guy, that so looks painful!

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