Back to School Bucket List


After spending Labor Day weekend camping, we’re finally able to settle into the school year.  The Princess started 3rd grade and Little Warrior entered Kindergarten (yes, there was much weeping on my part after drop off the first day– he managed to happily trot off to class without any hesitation).

For the first time in nearly 4 years, I have some consistent down time during the week.  Last Fall I had 1 hour without kids while they were in Sunday school and I sat in the sermon and a bit less than an hour when The Princess did ballet and little one was in preK.  Going from having a bit less than 2 hours a week to myself to, well, 6 hours a day, has been a huge adjustment.  I get so. much. done.

My friend, The Frugal Girl, always posts expansive bucket lists over the summer because that’s when she has time available each year.  For me, Autumn is when I can finally get my ducks in a row and accomplish big tasks.  So here’s my Fall list, in no particular order.

  1. Blog at least twice a week. 
  2. Paint the house.  Like, all of it.  I want the living area to be completed in September and the bedrooms/playroom can wait until later in the Fall.
  3. Spend at least 20-30 minutes a day training each puppy. Um, did I mention we got a puppy the last week of January?  And we got ourselves another one 3 weeks ago! They’re both Bernese Mountain Dogs and truly live up to the breed’s reputation for being the gentlest of giants, completely devoted to their family.  But even with the mildest-tempered dogs in the world, you must train them, especially when they’ll weigh 100-130 pounds!
    This is Shep Oden:
    He was 4 months old when we got him and he’s 11 months old now and the sweetest, most patient dog you’ll ever meet. I have multiple pictures of him with babies & toddlers crawling all over him– usually grabbing fist-fulls of fur– as he lies calmly, gently by. He was the runt of the litter and will likely never pass 100 pounds. I’m  completely in love.

    This is Ape Lincoln (name pending..)IMG_2095 IMG_2099He’s feisty and mischievous, and might be better suited with the name ‘Trouble’.  He loves nothing more than playing tug-of-war and chewing on Shep’s ears and tail (oh, faithfully patient Shep <3). Despite his playful ways, he certainly lives up to the gentle giant reputation and he’s a really great pup. He was the roly-poly one of the litter, and knowing his lineage will probably be a good 130-140 pounds. His paws are already the same size as Shep’s!     The kids LOVE the additions to our family and snuggle with them all the time.Shep and his boy2 Bonus points for anyone who knows why the kids named them Shep & Ape!

  4. Spend time consistently in the Lord’s Word and in prayer each day.  My bible study is going to be reading Timothy Keller’s book Prayer and I’m excited to delve into a deeper understanding of what constitutes a healthy prayer life.
  5. Begin cooking through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  This goal came about when the Princess and her friends started cooking through the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook during sleepovers (followed by one of the HP movies each sleepover, of course) and we cooked up the idea to start working our way through Julia Child’s iconic book.
  6. Reduce waste.  On multiple fronts– Reduce our food waste, which is embarrassingly high of late.  I’ll be following The Frugal Girl’s example of Food Waste Friday. Maybe if the world can see how much I waste, it’ll light a fire under my hiney to be more dedicated to using food wisely.  Reduce trash/recycle waste by being intentional about packing lunches in reusable containers and bags instead of disposable.  I’d love to get down to two bags of trash a week.  Reduce time waste.  With all this extra time it could be so easy to throw it all away.  I want to be focused and purposeful with how I use these new-found hours of productivity.
  7. Refinish the cedar chest I got at Goodwill.  I found a beautiful old cedar chest at Goodwill and lugged it home for just $30. I’d been looking for a coffee table for our book room and when I saw this I knew it would fit perfectly.  Although it is a gorgeous chest, it needs to be refinished and I’ve never been one to DIY that kind of thing.  It’ll be a learning experience!
  8. Organize and inventory our camping stuff and winter supplies.  I love camping and hope to do a lot more of it as our kids get older.  It’ll be so much easier to have everything catalogued, stocked, and ready to just pull out the camping box and go on a new adventure.
    Also, it’ll be good to easily access emergency supplies that we may need during winter storms out here.
  9. Start working part-time. Whether doing at-home transcription, starting an Etsy shop, or subbing- I will go stir crazy if I’m not actively applying my mind to something– and why not make a little moolah in the process?
  10. Train for a half marathon.  I’ve been working toward a 5K in October, but my long-term goal is to run a half marathon.  Gotta start somewhere, however slowly. 2 miles down, 11 to go!

We had a great summer filled with adventure and family.

goodbye summer 4 goodbye summer3 goodbye summer2

But as we say goodbye to summer,

goodbye summer1

I’m excited to see what the next year holds for us!

fourth of july 2015


2 thoughts on “Back to School Bucket List

  1. You ARE ambitious! I should make some fall 2015 goals, too. Let me think about that. I have daily goals on my to do list but I’d like to be a little more intentional about a couple of things. Thanks for the inspiration!

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