My favorite season is ALMOST. HERE.

You guys, it’s only ONE MORE DAY UNTIL FALL.  Orange and yellow and scarves and boots and pumpkin everything– what’s not to love??

While we’re at it, let’s check in on my Autumn Bucket list…

Blogging twice a week… well, clearly not.

Painting– the dining room and living room are finished and lovely!

After being disheveled for nearly a month, I’m happy to have everything put back together

painting chaos1painting chaos2put back together

I also rearranged furniture to create more floor space.  We have this beautiful square, leather ottoman that just didn’t fit next to either couch, so I moved it to the corner, put a few throw pillows on it and voila!  Extra seating, plus board game storage.

ottoman corner

I am working on picking the color for the entry and have narrowed it down to 2 greys.  Hubby likes the lighter one- he’d rather the entire house be all beige, but I talked him into an accent wall.  Of course, I picked the 2-story one that connects the entry, living room, and playroom downstairs.  😉  I think the darker one goes better with the furniture and has a more dramatic effect, but don’t want to overwhelm the space.  Which do you prefer?


Dog training- yup! I’m always shocked at how much easier it is to train Ape- he’s so much more interested in treats than Shep!  Added bonus- my sister and nephew came out for the weekend and brought their dog, Molly. We had tons of fun just relaxing, taking the dogs to the dog beach and watching while the cousins climbed all over boulders by the bay (didn’t get any pictures- we were having too much fun!).

doggies training

Spend time in the Lord’s Word  I haven’t consistently been up every morning, but most mornings. It’s been perfect, really, that Ape wakes me up early (hooray, house breaking) so I can sit and drink coffee & have devotions before Little Warrior wakes up and careens down the stairs, starting the day at break-neck speed.  I’ve been reading Tim Keller’s book Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God and just ordered a study from She Reads Truth.

prayer corner

I also ordered this print from She Reads Truth and am SO EXCITED.

Doxology Print

We sing the Doxology to both kids after turning out the light each evening at bedtime. We’ve done this every night since they came home.  When I saw this print, I immediately knew I wanted to put it by their bedroom doors.

That’s about all I’ve accomplished on my list so far, though I have researched and selected a compost bin to help reduce our waste output and found a few places to apply for part-time work.

Now I’m off to pull out my Autumn decorations and go crazy on the house!!  😉


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