Autumn Favorites- FFF

FFF fall leaves 2

Each Friday Susanne hosts Friday Fave Five, a chance to share blessings and favorite things from our weeks.

1. Fall Decorations

I may have mentioned how much I love Fall

happy fall yallI’m so. excited. to have my house over-flowing with oranges and yellows and reds!

Fall Flowers

2. Friends (and their kids)

We’ve been so blessed by the community the Lord has provided for us on the East Coast!  Wonderful friends I’ve hardly known a year who have kindly weathered with us some of the most challenging circumstances we’ve been through. I love the special times I get to have with my friends, as well as their kids!  I got to babysit multiple times this week and I treasure the moments with each child. And my friend, The Frugal Girl, has 3 daughters that come and spend the night pretty often with the Princess. We have such a blast together- we cook, knit, craft and laugh a lot. One of her daughters has painted me some beautiful water color paintings. She brought me this gorgeous one today:

S's Painting

3. Faithful Love

This year we celebrated nine years of marriage and he still writes me love notes on the mirror.  Today’s sweet words were courtesy of Shakespeare:

 All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.

4. Fall Food

I love the way my house smells in Autumn!  Spices and baking.

On the menu today is mahi mahi in ginger curry sauce, butternut squash soup, brussel sprouts, and cooked cinnamon apples for dessert.  I came inside from picking the kids up from school and the house smelled a-maz-ing.  (Hubs had gotten home early and stayed back to manage the baking vegetables.)

Fall Food1

Lest you get a false impression- we do not eat like this every night. We may or may not have eaten cereal for dinner the last two nights because of ballet.

5. Finished Projects

I promised a peek at what’s on my knitting needles these days… I’m excited to say ‘not much’ because I’ve actually been finishing projects!  Whoo-hoo!  Binding off is a minor miracle for perfectionists. ; )

Presenting, the Sunshine Blanket:

Sunshine Blanket

Based on this blanket from The Purl Bee, I ripped out this particular blanket 4 or 5 times because I just. couldn’t. get. proportions. right. You’d think it would be easy since it’s straight garter stitch, but the yarn kept stretching as the blanket grew so I had to adapt accordingly. But now that it’s done, I’m so glad I re-knit it so many times- because it’s perfect (if I do say so myself)!  I’ll be snapping some better pictures with my friend and photographer over at B Claire and posting a pattern in October.

These are, of course, Pickles patterns. I heart Pickles.  The Chevron blanket is the same pattern my mum used for the Princess’ blanket and I just took it and standardized colors because I’m physically incapable of randomly knitted colors. The Enkel Vest is one of my all-time favorite Pickles patterns and I have knit it in nearly every size!

H's Chevron Blanket

H's Vest

These are all for my friend’s new baby girl!  I have a few minor details to finish on some presents for the big brothers (a star to crochet for the Dallas Cowboys scarf etc) and as soon as those are finished everything will be packed up and sent across the pond to England. I can’t wait to see pictures of sweet little H in her Enkel Vest!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all the pumpkins & apples & spices!


6 thoughts on “Autumn Favorites- FFF

  1. So you can’t randomize the colors on that Purl Bee blankie? It’s a good thing The Princess has no such difficulty or she’d hate hers.
    I love the name of the Sunshine Blankie–perfect!
    Congrats again on your anniversary. Thankful every day for your faithful and loving husband.

  2. What a wonderful feeling it is to FINISH projects (esp for us perfectionists). And they are all so adorable and meaningful.

    Yummmmm – I bet your dinner tasted as amazing as it smelled. I put your butternut squash soup on my list if soups to make SOON.

    I don’t normally change my decor according to season, but this year I put out a Fall centerpiece and hope to make a burlap wreath. Who knows, maybe I will do another thing or two. Besides your pretty plant, what else did you decorate with?

  3. What a wonderful collection of fives! I’m sorry I’m so late. Too much going on, but it’s good to come here and see all you’ve accomplished and enjoyed. That sunshine blanket is gorgeous. And good community in a new location is such a rich blessing. Happy anniversary (belated) to you!

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