Face Paint and Bagpipes

This past weekend I took the Princess and her friend to the Renaissance Festival.  And the next day I took Little Warrior on a date just the two of us.  He picked the Renn Faire too, and we enjoyed having an entertaining afternoon out together.  We saw…

A real jousting match.




Archery demonstrations.



Our favorite metal bagpipes band.

(Yea, it’s a thing. And we love it. The kids talk about seeing them play all year and one of their albums is always in the minivan’s CD player. This year they even played snippets of Metallica and Violent Femmes. Legit.)


The kids all got face paint. Dear goodness, they’re gorgeous! IMG_2337 IMG_2387

We visited the Museum of Unnatural History (complete with the Cyclops’ second eye and Medusa’s head) and got lost in a giant maze.
IMG_2355 IMG_2346

Such a fun weekend full of yummy foods, fascinating sights, and good friends!

IMG_2316 IMG_2356


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