Our Ballerina Princess turned 9 today.  NINE.

So hard to believe she’s one year away from double digits!  I could not be more proud of the girl she is becoming.  She is kind and generous (she was worried her brother would be sad not getting a gift and insisted on stopping to pick out a present for him this morning).  She is warm and gentle.  And vivacious and fun.  If you had asked me 2 or 3 years ago if I ever thought she would be such a delightful, mature young lady, I honestly would have said no.  But the Lord has grown her heart and her mind in such dramatic ways this year.  She’s come so far since the day she catapulted into our lives. So very far.  And I’m insanely proud of her.


She’s an amazingly adventurous eater. Last year for her birthday dinner she wanted lamb. This year she requested mussels and sautéed carrots. This girl loves seafood. If you can catch it in the ocean, she’ll eat it!  Hubs cooked the mussels in a white wine butter sauce with thyme and garlic and I sautéed the carrots and baked honey whole wheat rolls. It was a simple but delicious feast.


Of course, she wanted ice cream cake for dessert- loaded with sprinkles.  So, you know, she’s still got nine year old taste buds too.  ; )


I love the priceless look on her face when she opened her Bible.  She’s been wanting her own, grown-up bible for a long time and has been working so hard on reading so she can read it on her own.


Her favorite gift was a microscope kit. She spent the rest of the afternoon finding things to look at and waxing eloquent on being a scientist. ❤


Happy Birthday, sweet Ballerina Princess!  You are loved and adored more than you could ever know!


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