First Make It Monday

On Mondays I share a glimpse of what I’m working on in my project basket…


Lately I’ve been working on little knit bunnies.  A friend just had her fourth baby under five so I’m making little bunnies for the sisters to have as they adapt to baby brother’s arrival.  The pattern is an older one from Barbara Prime at Fuzzy Mitten. I think it is called ‘Easter Bunny’ but this is the closest pattern I could find on Ravelry.

It’s a fairly simple pattern.  The hardest part for me was embroidering on the faces.The little brown one was my first and a wee bit lopsided, but maybe this bunny will just have a fun, quirky smile?? 🙂  Definitely a pattern I will knit repeatedly.  Easy to carry along in my purse because I can just take enough yarn to make one or two pieces at a time.

I’ll probably sew little dresses and then knit wee little sweaters for the bunnies to wear.


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